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Who We Are

Welcome to Groundwater Cafe. We are so excited to host you here. A little about me—my name is Sabrina; I am a mom which is my favorite job of all. I love my family and like anyone, want the best this life can offer. Throughout my journey, I find that nature inspires me most and in so many ways. My favorite time of day is always spent around a table sharing a meal. I try to eat healthy by buying the best of and most local products and ingredients I can find.  I’ve had a vision to run my own business while helping members of my community succeed in their own endeavors-mainly with a background of fresh foods and locally sourced ingredients. My kids, family, pets, and my love of good nutritious foods are my passions.

My background consists of helping in the family business, working in retail, management, customer service, marketing and volunteering. I have been managing and running the Attleboro Farmers Market since 2020 and it is as close to a dream come true as I had gotten. I sold my house in Attleboro during 2022 and moved to Scituate, Rhode Island. We fell in love with the area and when the opportunity for a café and marketplace presented itself so close to our new home, I couldn’t pass it up. I left one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, took a leap of faith, and followed my dream. I now have a marketplace that will help other small businesses continue their success and provide shelf space for their products in a small locally owned and operated business.


This opportunity also includes having an ice cream stand which is the business I grew up in with my family. There is a large extensive kitchen for a cafe, eating counter and dining room to host patrons. Coolers and display cases for bakery and other local products. This space will allow my family and I to create a great atmosphere for people to visit with their friends and family, eat delicious food, drink good drinks, get to know our friendly staff, and be unique to this area. I look forward to forever being in an evolutionary stage. My hope for each person that visits Groundwater Café is to have something for everyone at whatever time they get here and to have a new and unique experience.

What We Do

​Monday - Saturday

  • Breakfast 7am-11am

  • Lunch 11am-6:30pm (Monday and Tuesdays till 3:30pm)

  • Market is open 7am-8pm (Monday and Tuesdays till 4pm)

  • Space to reserve for your private party

  • Special events - Check website for schedule

  • Weekend hours: 

  • Saturday 7am - 8pm

  • Sunday 11am - 8pm

Ice Cream stand is open April - October but served inside the cafe all year round.

Starting: Saturday, July 13, 2024

  • Tapas and small plates

    • Thursday, Friday, Saturday

      • 5pm-9pm 


Why We Do It

Why? Because we want to contribute to the community we have made our home and better our family in the process. Our menu consists of a variety of unique and fun options with a surprise combination of flavors. Menu items consist of choices with healthy ingredients which are usually locally sourced. You can find many of these sources in our market where we offer a variety of fresh produce, sauces, meats, cheeses, prepared foods, and so much more-all in our friendlextensive marketplace. Our mission is to source healthy, delicious, and local ingredients with our customer and community at the heart of everything we do. We hope you enjoy your time with us at Groundwater Cafe. 


Check our website for a complete list of small local businesses whose products and ingredients we use in our restaurant and sell in our market.


For a list of menu items; click here

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