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Groundwater Market


Visit our market and find all my favorite things made by some of the best local companies around. When curating the items in our market, we look at local, wholesome, fresh ingredients, family-owned, and the very best overall in taste, quality, ingredients, and price. See the list below. Let us know if you are looking for a great new item for your pantry or freezer. Ask us if you have any questions about the items in our market. We hope that you truly enjoy the items as much as we do.  Please check out these special brands for vegan or gluten free options


The Bakery

Art's International Bakery

Groundwater Cafe

Melt in your Mouth

Navad Bakers

Provencal Bakery and Cafe

Something Sweet Without the Wheat

The Bread Boss

Who Cut the Cheesecake

Wright's Dairy

Served at Groundwater Cafe

Bliss Dairy Ice Cream

Dom's Marinated Steak tips

Downeast Coffee Roasters

The Farm

Gifford's Ice Cream

Hippy Pilgrim


Republic of Tea



Del’s Lemonade

Fieldstone Kombucha

Granny Squibb’s Iced teas



Slate Milk

Yacht Club Bottling Works

Produce from these farms:

Acra Farms

Barden Family Orchard

Cook's Valley Farm

Farming Turtles (microgreens)

The Farm

Langwater Organic Farm

Ward's Berry Farm


Farming Turtles

Fieldstone Kombucha

Full Bloom Apiaries (Local Honey)

New Zealand Honey Co. (Manuka Honey)

Republic of Tea

The Farm

Wellness Croft

Wildbrew Elderberry Syrup

Meat, Cheese, and Dairy

Barrett’s Garden

Cabot Creamery


Dom's Sausage Co. and Marinated meats

Narragansett Creamery

Red's Best Seafood

Sherpa Foods

Smith's Farm and Creamery

Vermont Bean Crafters

Wright's Dairy

Pantry: Sauces, Spices, Staples

7 Hills Pasta

Backyard BBQ Sauce

Bats of Bedlam

Brown Bear

Caribe & Co.

Centerville Pie Co.

Foss Farms

Gardner Pie Co.

Great Aunt Louise’s

Harvest Kitchen

Heirloom Gourmet

Hippy Pilgrim

Kane’s Kitchen

Lilly’s Fresh Pasta

Nana's Kick Ass Sauce

Nica’s Sauce

Off the Vine 45

Pan de oro


Ripe from the Vine




88 Acres

Anchor Toffee

Beth Bakes


Clean Energy Bars

Coastal Maine Popcorn


Elki Crackers

Gifford’s Ice Cream

Mrs. Mekle's Mercantile

Portside Pretzels

RI Nuts

Righteous Felon Jerky

Sacred Cow

The Penny Candy Store

Virginia & Spanish Peanut Co.

Wellness Croft

Household and Non-food items:

Buppy Pets

Carlton Farms

Charelle Designs

Raw Dawg Treats

Vegan and Gluten Free Options in our market

Foss Farms - Marinara
Hippy Pilgrim - Garlic Salts and seasonings
Barrett’s Garden - Cheeses
Clean Energy Bars - Granola Snack bars

Virginia & Nut Co. : Brown Bear - Nut butters
7 Hills Pasta - Pasta
88 Acres - Granola snack bars
Farming Turtles - Microgreen s
Melt in your mouth - Cupcakes

Gluten Free:
Foss Farms - Marinara
Hippy Pilgrim - Garlic Salts and seasonings
Lilly’s Fresh Pasta - Pasta
Beth Bakes - Crackers
Melt in your Mouth - Cupcakes
Something Sweet without the Wheat - Cookies and cupcakes

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